The ad starts off brilliantly: "Go Cantoneasy"! Chun King has even gone and registered the word, lest some other frozen and canned Chinese Food manufacturer decides to ride their coattails:

As they say in marketing circles, a good ad will actually teach you something. For instance, this company that mass-produces Chinese food teaches you how to pronounce a Hawaiian word for 'an outdoor feast'.

When it comes to the Orient, I guess they're all the same.

If you want to recreate this lush spread of Chinese Hawaiian standards for yourself, Chun King wants to help make your trip to the supermarket as painless as possible by directing you exactly to where Chinese chefs go to find raw ingredients:

And finally, complete your Chinese Hawaiian Loo-ow with a special offer from Chun King. Includes 'fiesta' (Spanish or Latin) hats and a roll of tapa (Polynesian) paper.