Badvertising Looks Back

Badvertising isn't something new. It existed long before I ever noticed it.

Luckily, I have access to a nice catalogue of old magazines that I flip through from time to time, looking for the bad ads of yore.

The only real criterion I place on this section of the site is that the ads which appear here are at least 25 years old.

(You know you're getting old when you consider stuff from 1984 as retro, eh?)

Disc Breaks
Aim High Head Shot Falling Behind
Does This
Taste Funny?
Hallelujah Mr. Dressup
No Sweat Choco-licious
Inside Job Polish This On The Dole
Nut Job Dicking Around Speaking of
'running' ...
Spray 'n Wash Age Before
Smile For The
Camera, Honey
Lawsy, Lawsy World Of Food Stay Cool
Suit Yourself Feed Your Face Slip Slidin' Away
You Dropped
Your Pen
Well Protected Sweater Puppies
Smelly Chick Killer Looks Pet Care
My Meat I Hate Clowns Have Gift,
Will Travel
Step On It Food For
Music Hath Charms