Here at the jaxstuff typo clinic, we try to teach you the fundamentals. You can't get to the bigs without knowing the basics, so for your own good, click and learn.
Lost Cause Bad Love
Missed A Spot Distracted Hands On
Floored Altered State It Never Ends
Verber Living Wild A Bad Mix
Cultured Aaaah! It Is Time
Street Not-So Smarts Not Funny See, Senior?
Not Ready A Big Entrance Room For Improvement
Time's Up Sticky Situation Eat This
Get Another Estimate Dig Deep So You Think
You Can Spell?
Street Meat License Revoked Floored
Ships In The Night Feeling Blue Bad Service
Not My Type Pedalphile Double V
Old Heights Ordinary Wood Admiral Unable
Good 'Ol Days Flying High Drive To Succeed
Are You EVER! More Fat Loose Fat Loose
More of It Is What It Is Forget Something? Class Dismissed
Room Service Shout Out Tense Future
Tasties Vine Not Duck!
Planetary I Can't Get No Bad Shot
Bad Eats Wake-up Call In Other Words
Temper, Temper It Is What It Is Special, How?
Bad Signal Lost At C Bad Math
MacError Esss? Oh, Esss. Double Double
A Light Dinner Quality Control Why Pout
Source Material Penalty Shot Occasional Misprint
Slow Learner The Great Odtdores Flight Risk
Here's the older stuff in the clinic. Pay attention, and you'll never have to cry yourself to sleep again.

(I just wish I had someone like me around when I was your age.)
Lights Out The Silent iller
Step On It Built Wrong Foresight
Pet Peeve Possessive
One Leg
At A Time
Strip Search Sheepish Timber
Big & Clean Puff 'n Stuff Assleep
Delicious Collectors Itom
the Furniture
Door to Door Don't Drink
and Write
Illuminating It's A Date Gifted
Blessed Access Stop. Watch. Something FIshy
Obstructed View Too Much "e-i?"
Tree Cheers Flying High Right On
The Money
Teagh-Heagh Lizard King How Divine!
Should Not It's A Test Now Serving
Crystal Clear 1 Crystal Clear 2 Exiled
Dressing Up Cruising 'N Another Thing
On The Loose Stay The Night Fashion Crime
Baubles Hair Tinsel Accssorrizing
It's Magic An
Everyday Typo
Whose The Boss?
With Caution
You Win Some ... Nice Touch
High Tech Take This
To The Cleaners
Thai Master
It's Been A Slice Fruit Punch Zing!
Money Talks The Old In-Out Zing 2!
Clothes Call Logging A Second Helping
A Good Fit Fast Cha-Ching
21th Light 'Em Up Look It Up
One More TIme:
2 L's, 2 N's
Light 'Em Up 2 Call Now
Breastfeeding Expresso
In Private
I Can't Get No Dearly Departed
We Have
A Winner

Booklets Purr Chance
To The Neighborthood
We'll Pass
Odds That Just
Don't Add Up
Bankruptcy Protection
Weighty Headline
Sweet One
Give That Ad
A Cigar!

Heating Up
Chow Time Let's play: Will They Catch The Typo? Skinless, Boneless,
And Now Pitted

Bad Sine This Should Pique
(Peek) (Peak)
Your Curiosity