Yeah, what you read on the restroom walls is true – jaxstuff gets around.

And really, it's a nice break from scanning magazines and taking stupid pictures to go on the road and scan magazines and take stupid pictures.

Also, we've collected a few essay-like dispatches and called them Dispatch-Like Essays:

Dispatches from the Road to Quebec City

Dispatches from New York

Dispatches from the Ex

U2 show

Here are some of the highlights of being with jaxstuff on the road ...

Do It
See It Coming Isn't It Ironic Colourless Language
Here's A Suggestion The Logo Affirmative Action
Coming Clean Apostrophes Are Hard Drinking And Writing
Money Shot Take A Letter
Sniff N Slide Trash Talk In A Fix
Missig Letter A Bad Fit Missing Persons
Coffee It Is Size Matters Gimme Shelter
Flower Power Children's Table Clothes Call
new york city
Happy To
See Moi
Beside Themselves Salle de
Ooh La La
Slice of Life
Math Hysteria Out of Place
Anything Else? Clunk Weighted Down
Experienced Food For Thought Bent Out Of Shape
By Invitation Only Match Game Board Senseless
Numb and Number Corn Nerd Big Mistake
Glassy How Long? Approximate
Dude Speed of Light Full Bodied
Hard To Believe Spare Change Bad Price