Hey there.

It's been a while since jaxstuff introduced a new section. Or intelligence of any kind.

Well, half of that is gonna change now. Below, you will find earlier postings neatly categorized by where the pix or scans were stolen from.

Work has been progressing slowly on this page, partly because of my laziness but mostly because of my incompetence – a magical combination at the best of times.

So, until something better comes along, take what you can get here.

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Great Debate
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Men, Again
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More Men
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Sacred Cows
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Pape Ave.

This is where I grew up. This neighbourhood helped form what I am today. And by taking this small tour of some of the storefronts in the area, it may explain a lot.


This area has been my second home for a long time. My family has spent almost every weekend in the area since the mid-sixties, and I still show up as often as I can, no matter how many people have signed the petition.

Given how much time I've spent in the area, it's natural that I have noticed a few things that just don't seem right ...

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