Dispatch From The Ex

Friday, Sept. 3 โ€“ Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto

I've been attending the CNE (or the 'Ex') annually since 1837. Last night, Karen and I helped keep my streak alive. Below are some of the various sites and smells we witnessed.

Like this guy. He rocks. HAH!

Spray-paint guy turns t-shirts into dramatic works of art. Like this one he is making for someone named Betty.

Oh, no ...

We saw this Midway game, where you had to throw a ball into the mouth of a Bart or Stewie sex doll:

I want to work on the Midway next year, at a Guess Your IQ booth.

"You want to give me 5 bucks for a chance to win a stuffed doll worth 45ยข? Your IQ is 70. NEXT"

HA ha ha โ€“ Chocolate meat pies. What a riot!

what the ... ?!?

Karen pointed this sign out to me. I said "Yeah, they spelt Iced Tea wrong." She said "Not that โ€“ the fact that you can dress your drink with a variety of toppings, the way you like it!"

Two stupid things in one sign. SCORE!

According to the Cinesphere, it's 10:06.

Photos of helicopters look weird, eh?

We saw this circus-guy show. I took some video of it, but I had the settings thing set too small. So you'll have to settle for the next 5 stills:

And finally ...

Welcome to the Midway, kids!

Till next year.