Dispatches From The Road

Friday, Aug. 21 – New York

After about 9 or 10 hours in the car, we made it to New York. Or, as the locals call it, 'Ay, get oudda the fuggin way, ya mook - this is New Yak'

The trip itself was more on the boring side than anything. Although the Adirondack Mountains are stunning, there wasn't a lot of variety. It was a lot of this:

Broken up with a bit of wet this:

And to keep things interesting, jerk truckers who did this for about 5 minutes:

Here was a bridge to break up the monotony:

Finally in New York (the Bronx, actually), we took the Midtown tunnel to Manhattan for drinks and a late snack. As we were driving under the East River, it was hard not to imagine how many bodies tied to cinder blocks were directly above us.

We're now here till Sunday morning. I'll update with New York pix, but It may take awhile -- apparently in New York, one simply does not sleep.

Wednesday, Aug. 19 – Quebec City

Greetings from Quebec City. We left Toronto at around 6:30 am, with this sight greeting us at the top or our street:

For the most part, the ride across Ontario was uneventful. Can't say the same for everyone else, though:

For a minute, I thought we had hit a time warp thing, because we were already approaching the Big Apple, less than 3 hours out of the city:

We took a small detour through Kingston so Karen could show me where she spent 4 years of her life while at school. Across from the campus was this wind farm. No wonder it was so windy on the highway ... look at all the fans:

In Quebec, they have the quaintest roadsigns. Look out for the moose!:

And I guess this is what they mean when they say "that guy set off my gaydeer':

Finally, we crossed the St. Lawrence into the Quebec City region:

At this pont (HAH - French pun!), we pulled into our hotel where I unloaded these pix from our 9 hour drive. We went into the old city after this, where we got some stunning shots of where our country was basically founded, but I'll have to leave those for later. We're about to hit the road for New York, and I have to grab a light breakfast before the drive.

Stay tuned for more ...

Wednesday, Aug. 19 – Quebec City, part deux

Strolling around the old city of Quebec was a beautiful experience. You may not know this, but this is actually Canada's first gated community:

And there's no use sneaking in the back way:

They're not kidding when they talk security ...

The streets are alive with traditional old restaurants ...

Mandatory shot of Chateau Frontenac. Apparently you are not allowed to leave the city until you have photographed the hotel at least once. True story.

Quebec is designated a Unesco heritage site. I don't know what that means, either. Look it up, I'm busy.

The taggers in this part of the country are hardcore:

(In case you can't tell, the whole side of that building is spraypainted on.)

Here's a sidestreet in Quebec that sells beautiful handpainted artwork:

Here's a sample of what you can buy. It's Celine Dion and her grandfather:

Hope you enjoyed this taste of Quebec as much as we did. Now, it's off to New York. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, Aug. 19

Eager little bastard, aren't you? Christ, we just woke up, loaded the car and headed out of the house a couple of hours ago. Are you expecting something here already?!?

It's a long way to Quebec City (or as the French call it, 'Quebec Cité'), so I'm hoping we'll find something of interest on the trip to post here later this evening.

This is basically the route we'll be following over the next couple of days:

This trip will be a jaunt to Quebec City for a night, a drive down to New York for the weekend, and then back to Toronto on Sunday. As you might guess, I'm a little worried about the last part from New York to Toronto. I'm hoping that that bridge across the lake will be completed by the time we get there.