Some ads are born great. Some achieve greatness. And then there are these -- ads that have suckness thrust upon them.

Haven't You Done Enough? Got Hammered Foot Loose
Biting Wit Not Saying Much What's Cookin'
Oh, Great Seeing Red Amazing
Over Under Worn Out Sex Drive
Soregasm You Suck Head Case
Hi Mom Needs More Practice Oh, One More Thing ...
Double Double God Bless,
(I Think)
I Have Mail
All Wrong Second Helping Get A Grip
Getting Blade Aim High Touch of Glass
Just In Time Fabulous Can You Rephrase That?
Assault With Battery Hair Raising Shore Enough
Oh, Deer Pieceful Results Hair Raising
Pure BS Concrete Evidence Cabbin' Fever
Deductions Rock Loss Leader Say Something
Drop It Math Is Hard Nuclear Threat
Left? Right. Calm Down, Fella Repeat Performance
Space Sheep Long Distance
And of course, our disesteemed previous inductees, always good for a sad shake of the head:
Job Indescription Hats Off Secrete Service
Driving Force Boo Ya Absorbing
Bad Kitty Rock On Bitch Be
Touching Me
Wet Dreams Don't Move!
Come Again.
Kitty Litter Animal Wrongs Bad Ink
Pipe Cleaners Hold Your
Kid Stuff
I'm Bagged Tired & True Geography Lesson
Flighty Sound
Butt Head
One Ad,
With The Works
Fiddle About I Will
Follow You
Bubbly On Strike Monkey See
Monkey Do
Time Travelling Unavailable
in S or M
of Fortune
Bad Ad Walking A Quick

(Large file warning)
Crap Ads
Hairy Situation Walk This Way Sticky Situation
Animated Catch Up Martinized
Image Problem Ass Master Heavy Hitter
Shake Things Up Bendy-Tech Busy Signal
Kiss This Scanner
Unreal Estate
Mark Your
Scratch This Nobody's
Desk Job Swingin' Meat Me
Degrees of
Are Funny
That'll Do, Pig Knuckle Down Web-Tastic!
Table Craps Tributes
Pour In
Eye See
Fast Money Buttery Good Come To Papa
Under the' 'G Jungle Love 1 Jungle Love 2
Pure Evil "Click" "Here" 2/3
Onions and Collector Plates He's Ba-a-a-ack Plass Plown
Money Shot Weight
Right Here
Hi, Neighbour
How many times do I have to say 'NO'? Feel-Good Ad I Wish!
Home renovations? Why You Always Need A Writer Around Why You Always Need A Writer Around II
You pays your money, you takes your chances. There must be something in the juice Two Words That Never Belong Together
Cutting edge technology? Book now. I think Like This Is A Good Thing?
Here's a car sale with a little extra meat For the textbook shopper Pest control, from a different perspective
Redeem this ad Sometimes, when I look into a mirror, I don't like what I see What's in a name?
A picture's worth how many words? An ad that sucks rocks This little piggy went to ad school
They're huge. They're stupid. And they sell ads Need health care? Step right down Open wide
Circle that date! Gambling on your career A motivating factor
The Genesis of bad ads Build a better mousetrap A restaurant that appears to need photo-retouching
Things just aren't clicking here Looks like a bad ad A Bloomin' strange ad
Hollywood, rewritten Career advice from a pro Grab those nitroglycerine pills
Careful where you point that thing So THAT'S what all the screaming was about Proof that it's not always a good idea to appear in your own ad
A different spin on the words "cat food" Is this the kind of reaction you want? Never let facts get in the way of an idea
Hey, Bad Boy -- show me the garbage can If the shoe fits