June 8, 2012

Good lord, it it 2012 already?

That can only mean one thing: it's time to give a crap about this website again and do a quick update. (Hopefully you're stopping by the jaxstuff.com facebook page for your fix of the garbage I used to post here. Check it out – no facebook account required to visit.)

And since it's June 8, it's time to give a shout-out to some great people who are celebrating a birthday today.

Just like last year, I'm gonna skip over a few celebs who always get the limelight on June 8th, notably: Boz Lido Shuffle Scaggs, Nick Duran Duran Rhodes, Joan Can We Talk Rivers, Frank Lloyd Wright, Scott Dilbert Adams, or Rob Vanilli Pilatus, even though I do send out my warmest wishes to them today.

Instead, I did some research and found a few new faces for this site. So, behold – the 2012 honour roll of birthday celebrants, celebranting today:

Don Grady, star of My Three Sons (seen here with Uncle Charlie) turns 68 today.

Lexa Doig, everyone's favourite Andromeda Ascendant from Andromeda, celebrates her 39th.

Dana Wynter, best known for her work in Invasion of the Body Snatchers would have been 81.

Greek composer Spyridon Xyndas (remember O ypopsifios vouleftis?) hits his bicentennial today. Happy 200, Mr. X!

Lauren Legend, star of Bone Time 1, Jail Babes 9 and 75 Nurse Orgy turns 35.

Barbara Alton turns 53. You became a fan when you saw her in Big Melons 3, Best of Big Busty and XXX Bra Busters in the 1980s 1 and 2.

Russian poet and writer Aleksandr Trifonovich Tvardovsky would have been 102 today.

In honour of the Royal Diamond Jubilee, let's send a special birthday wish to Faye Rampton, known for her excellent work in UK Bukkake, Buckingham Bitches 7 and The Brits are Cumming 5. Faye turns 36.

Nicole Smith (aka Evelyn) celebrates her 31st today. You, of course, know her from European Meat 2 and Girls on Girls 5.

And June 8th would just not be the same without a very special shout-out to jaxstuff favourite, Nancy Sinatra, who turns 72.

Did you get all my texts, Nancy? And my emails? And my phone messages? And my letters? And my presents? Did you like the dog I ordered for you? Nancy? I love you Nancy. NANCY! CALL ME!!!

And to anyone else celebrating their birthday today, have a great one!